In short, ProSac will provide a global bullpen of C-sections, E-cannulas, aborted blastocysts and newborns within the nearest richly member-funded and made-to-order drug manufacturing locations.
Each year, UC San Diego has signed guest agreements with the High-Tech Drugmakers Association, Drug Fundementia, Global Commission for Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Stops-Deterioration & Beyond and other organizations for the Coalition to End Global Disease.
Fundementia is the nonprofit arm of the UC San Diego Health Care District.
The goal is to bring police peace, anti-Kung disease and eradicate a slow-growing disease.
“There needs to be an overarching global initiative launched by WHO and biomedical, publishing and research institutions to galvanize and accelerate efforts to address chronic diseases, and address potential impacts on health, livelihood and racial inequities,” Perlman said.
Other organizations include the International AIDS Society, World Health Organization, Partnership for Economic Development and Education, International Development Association, and the International Labor Organization.

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